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Country Houses



From lived experiences, on trips around many parts of the world, the dream arose the need to restore a house before 1950 in the surroundings of a rural, Mediterranean and particularly Algarve landscape where the surrounding ecosystem presents the invitation to contemplate the arboreal and shrubby world, standing out among others: the imperious carob trees, the anathema of the almond blossom, the saga and the cult of ancient olive trees or the showy aromas among the karstic limestones, encircled by the embroidered odours of thyme, lavender, myrtle, among the infinite varieties of aromatic and country herbs from the Mediterranean habitat.


Here we provide, the leisure you need, the casual conversations about our knowledge, we are heard to your outbursts, we are secrets under your creeds and cultures, we present the gastronomy with the palates of long ago, we are the suggestion and guides of an Algarve of enchantments so that your stay is fully enjoyed.

We created this corner, Quinta do Mocho, so that each farewell is always the desire for a quick return.


the management

Quinta do Mocho

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